We Love Bourbon

Bourbon isn’t the only thing we will make, but it’s by far our favorite. Bourbon is a tightly regulated spirit - and for good reason.  

For hundreds of years, bourbon has been made within the United States, which by law, is the only place it can be called bourbon.  The mash bill (its basic ingredients list) must contain at least 51% corn.  Other strict criteria include the type of barrel, finished proof and where it is made.

Bourbon's unique flavor profile comes from the time and care put into the product, but also patience while it rests in a new charred American Oak barrel. The barrels we use come from trees grown right here in the state of Virginia! The barrels are crafted just two hours from Roanoke at the Speyside Cooperage. We strive to source our materials from our home state and we’re very proud of this accomplishment.  

A new distillery offering a four year bourbon  isn’t an option without sourcing.  Much like other new craft distilleries, we will be sourcing our initial bourbon line from established distilleries that have been fine-tuning their craft for a century. While we are building the distillery and tasting room, we ordered our new 1000L still slated for delivery end of 2021.

If you’re new to bourbon, or just haven’t quite gained that enormous appreciation for the care and love that goes into the product, visit our distillery, and let our staff make you a smoked Manhattan or an Old-Fashioned.

We guarantee we’ll change your mind!