Tim, a recent Air Force retiree, rejoins his brothers and their families forming the 3rd partner in the distillery endeavor. 

Enlisting in early 2001 as a logistician, he was responsible for the loading of sensitive cargo, passengers and hazardous materials aboard military cargo transport aircraft, some of which frequent the Roanoke valley. Deploying over 9 times following the events of 9/11 until his retirement, Tim spent a great deal of time working with and leading young servicemembers through their personal advancement. 

With degrees in Logistics and Organizational Leadership, Tim brought to the table skills that would help him ultimately earn the rank of Master Sergeant and be a part of the esteemed “Top 3” of the military’s senior leaders.  He was hand-selected to join the Air Force Inspectors General team where he would help ensure units were operating at peak levels, ultimately aiding our nation’s safety, security, and lethality. Retiring with many distinguished accolades, including Meritorious Service medals, Achievement awards and other service medals, Tim retired in March of '21 at 20 years surrounded by family, friends and mentors. He then moved back to Roanoke to take on the position of owner and head distiller.

Tim is married to his wife Aubrey who is also an Air Force veteran. They have 3 wonderful children, Kyleigh, Kale and Kate. They are settled in Fincastle VA.

Tim loves bourbon but a great gin and tonic is always on his short list. Look for a unique gin to come from Brady's in the future.