Accomplice Bourbon - 46% ABV 94 Proof

Our flagship whiskey.  Accomplice is aged for 4 years in new American white oak barrels with medium char providing notes of vanilla, caramel, and oak.  At the nose, you will notice a floral aroma which comes from the oak and corn.

Enjoy neat or over ice.


Brady's Vodka - 40% ABV 80 Proof

Our vodka is as clean and pure as it comes. Distilled 6 times and filtered through activated charcoal. Perfect straight with a twist of lime, or enjoy with a spicy Bloody Mary.



Lazy Jack Rum - 45% ABV 90 Proof

Blended with rum imported from the U.S. Virgin Islands. Lazy Jack is a reference to the rigging on a sailboat used to assist with reefing, or lowering the sails. Spiced rum is double oaked in used bourbon barrels and flavored with vanilla bean, cardamom, star anise, black pepper corns, orange peel and all spice berries. Wonderful straight or mixed with a Coke. 

Brady's Gin - 40% ABV 80 Proof

Our gin is is perfectly flavored with juniper berries, star anise, lemon grass, cardamom, orange peel and a few other special ingredients. Infused using our gin basket attached to the still, it is crisp and pure. Perfect for a gin and tonic on a summer day. Multiple gin flavors coming soon. 


Sprits currently in the works and coming soon: 

2. Solera Double Oaked Whiskey. Solera, or "on the ground" in Spanish, refers to the lower level of the set of barrels used in the process; the liquid is traditionally transferred from barrel to barrel, top to bottom, the oldest mixtures being in the barrel right "on the ground".

3. Solera Montana Huckleberry Coffee Whiskey (Trust us, it's DELICIOUS!). Inspired by Andy's honeymoon to Yellowstone where he discovered his favorite coffee. Using aged Solera and carefully cold brewed, this full 80 proof beverage is certainly going to delight. 

4. Flavored Vodka's

5. Flavored Gin's

6. Many more special blends to follow