It was roughly 10 years ago that Brian had the idea for opening a distillery in Roanoke. At the time, he was surprised a distillery had yet to open in the Roanoke Valley. As an entrepreneur, Brian owns numerous local businesses. Many of which you have probably patronized. Business has always been a passion, and distilling wasn't far behind. After Timmy, his older brother, retired from the Air Force, it was time for a family business. Brian and Andy had been working together for years while Timmy served his country. Once Tim turned in his papers, it was time to go to work on his next career with his brothers.

Brian has a beautiful wife, Jenny and an 8 year old son, Jameson. Married two weeks out of high school, Brian and Jenny have been together for over 21 years. Together, they spend a good majority of their time traveling and seeing as much of the globe as their time allows. At any given time you will likely find them sailing the Virgin Islands, offshore fishing for marlin, SCUBA diving or going across the country in their RV. Adventure is in his blood and spending quality time with his family is the most important thing.

Making bourbon is pretty high on the priority list too.