Andy, an enthusiastic mixologist, loves his bourbon and rye. Growing up in Roanoke and living here all his life, Andy has made his contributions to the area through his volunteer work with local charities such as the Issac Walton League, Mill Mtn Zoo, Bookbag Santa, Habitat for Humanity, the Boy Scouts, and more. 
Living in the Roanoke area with his wife Mariah, and three beautiful kids, Andy has made quite the name for himself owning the most successful indoor air quality company in the Roanoke area. He has a passion for distilling and an even bigger passion for a proper mixed drink.
As an Eagle Scout himself, he understood the importance of working with kids to help them learn and appreciate the outdoors, community, and leadership. He now works with his own kids to appreciate the wilderness, hiking, camping, and their beautiful land.
“Allegedly’ learning to distill over 14 years ago with his older brother, Brian, he fell in love with the craft. Upgrading from a homemade device made from an old beer keg, he knew eventually they would open a distillery in Roanoke. After the retirement of his oldest brother, Timmy, it was time for a family business. Andy’s years of business experience would come in handy during this venture. 
Andy is a wealth of knowledge in the most random areas (nerd). He has used that ‘big-ole-brain’ to make some pretty damn good drinks over the years. His Manhattan with spicy cherry bitters is definitely Brian’s favorite so far.  Though the Montana Huckleberry coffee whiskey might take the cake.