Rum Coming Soon!


We are very excited to have rum in a bottle very soon! As you may know, we have been very busy building out our distillery and tasting room. We have also been hard at work distilling and perfecting our rum.

We will be proud to introduce Lazy Jack Rum very soon! 

Excited and proud to share that we will be blending our rum made right here in Roanoke with rum distilled in the Virgin Islands. I spend a lot of time in the Islands and that is what inspired me to blend our local rum with rum distilled somewhere I hold so dear to my heart. Rum is synonymous with the Caribbean and for very good reason. Sailors hundreds of years ago distilled rum with sugar cane grown in the islands of the Caribbean. A staple to this day, rum is the best selling spirit in the islands.

Look for the launch of our rum very soon. Whether you drink it straight up, with Coke or in a famous Soggy Dollar pain killer, we think you will like what we have created. 

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