Glass Shortages

As with so many things on the market today, glass is taking a hit.  There is currently a shortage on melted sand, somehow.  Just as people bulk bought every square of toilet paper they could, companies are snatching up all the bottles being made as fast as they are being made.  Over the next year your favorite (obviously your old favorite, Brady's will be your new favorite) may appear on the shelves in a different bottle.

It's happening already.  Many bottle styles you're used to seeing are already changing slightly. Maybe a little taller, a little wider, or completely different.

As a new distillery we are having quite the time finding a bottle design that we know will be available to us for a long time to come.  Even with all this, the rum and whiskey bottles we have are amazing. Tim has scoured the world and we've found some amazing looking bottles.  We cannot wait for you to taste what's in them!

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