Custom Still

Distilling isn't new.  In fact it's ancient.  Heat old juice and collect the condensation from a cooling coil.  Over the last hundred or so years though it's getting better and more perfected.  The understanding of what makes one still better than another, the compounds in the metals the stills are comprised, and the temp and proof the spirit is pulled, all make for very different products.
We decided to get creative.   Instead of taking an "off the shelf" standard still, we have added a special copper catalyzer that will introduce a tremendous amount of copper to the distillation process.  The more copper the better in the final product due to copper's ability to remove the sulfurs on a molecular level.  Sulfurs are created from yeast during fermentation.  
Due to creating a custom still this has delayed delivery and production.  This set back will be worth it when we have a still and process unlike any other.

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